Vani Hari “The Food Babe” living large – one million dollar house purchased under her husbands name?

Congrats on your new home Vani! Paid for by the #FoodBabeArmy and #FoodBabeWay

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“I want to give this information to everyone!” Vani Hari says in her interview with KPLR St. Louis.



If you did then why do you have a for profit LLC?

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Why did your husband purchase a $950,000 house in August? More importantly, don’t a husband and wife purchase a house together?

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ESTIMATED MORTGAGE (from Zillow – because we actually use credible sources)

Why do I need to purchase an eating guide? That house costs far more than a box of “scary” cereal and exceed the monthly budgets of some American families that you claim to want to protect?

Screenshot 2015-02-17 13.49.48






You’ve inspired parodies of yourself from Science Babe, Chow Babe, Food Hunk, etc…

Vani – if you really cared…why is all of this PAID information? I work in marketing, there are plenty of ways to monetize your followers without having to charge them monthly for basic information they can get on the internet….that you could even provide without charging them for?

Vani (or vain as some say) has simply manipulated the use of brand power of the the “scary” food corporations for her own gain and profit. If she isn’t in it for money, why is her a corporation a FOR PROFIT?

Remember the Spoonk Mat? Its just an acupressure mat….that costs $60. Guess how much a comparable one costs? About $20 – $30. Don’t worry! No affiliate link there 🙂 It looks like the only research she really puts in are how much her affiliate commissions are?


Some other notables-

-A Facebook group called “Banned By Food Babe” has almost 9000 members  as of 4-28-15.  Vani ignores/bans anyone who questions her motives…that’s not very “activist” like. I invite you to post this on her page and see if she replies or bans you:


-She sells products that contain the same ingredients she blasts food companies for selling! Examples (updated 4-28-15)


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5 thoughts on “Vani Hari “The Food Babe” living large – one million dollar house purchased under her husbands name?

  1. While I am strongly against Food Babe and her teachings, it is fair to point out that if she spends so much time doing this, she needs to make some profit to live. However, the amount of profit she makes is outrageous and her stuff should be cheaper.


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